Wise Analyst Utility and Telecomm Auditing Service

Wise AnalystWise Analysts has partnered with businesses and municipalities nationwide to verify, correct, and lower their overall costs in the area of utilities and telecommunication. We work with our clients on a continual basis to keep their costs in line, streamlining and customizing utility and telecommunication use. Our clientele ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have a team of very capable utility and telecom auditors with a combination of over 40 years of experience.  Together we have been performing utility and telecom audits for over 18-years and in the process have accumulated an impressive list of clients. We are the only audit company that does a line by line, invoice by invoice, in-depth audit as opposed to parameter audits. Parameter audits do not find the majority of errors and overcharges, especially if that error has been incorporated over years. And even a small error inside the parameters that have been set in place by an audit firm can add up to a significant amount over a span of many years. We have gone back behind parameter audits and discovered many more errors and overcharges that were missed by previous auditors, sometimes finding more than the original audit.

We go back to the original signed contracts to verify that the utility vendors are adhering to them. This is a very lengthy process that we feel is in our clients best interest, to establish that the utility invoices are within the contractual guidelines. It is one of the many reasons why we recover more refunds and assist our clients with greater opportunities for future savings. We also have developed proprietary software and many cost saving programs for our clients that took our dedicated professionals years to develop. We feel at Wise Analysts, your business will get the most extensive utility audit and the most comprehensive cost savings for all your utility/telecom needs.


11/16/2009 at 10:50 pm